About Us

We are a boutique consulting firm offering a suite of strategic capacity-building services that include; human resource and organizational development consulting, executive and leadership coaching, corporate training, and assessments.

What we care about makes us who we are

Our Key Characteristics:  


We clearly define success and focus all resources on delivering results.        
We adopt the right mindset, skillset, and toolset to lead our clients toward successfully achieving their strategic goals.
We remain within our scope, on time and budget, to achieve success.

Our Critical Actions:

We listen to customers

We make decisions based on feedback and data we’ve reviewed.       We create effective solutions
We create and implement interventions that help other people succeed.        
We finish our work
We do not quit until a project returns on your investment.

Gladegy™ Consulting was founded to help build the capacity of individuals, teams, and organizations seeking to create better alignment and achieve results. Gladegy™ is a portmanteau combining the words glad and strategy, describing how we feel when your strategy is delivering consistent results.

Gladegy™ Consulting

                                                  Integrated Capacity-Building Solutions   


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